Spring has Sprung

Dogs are allowed on many NY beaches until April 1 so we took advantage of one of the last days of the season.

Fetch at low tide at Sagg Main
Fetch at low tide at Sagg Main

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Training Goals

When we were planning to get a dog one of my goals was to compete in obedience.  I’d trained my previous dogs in the basics so that they were good family companions.  I wanted to compete so that I had goals to go beyond sit, down and come.  I had Tug signed up for his first puppy class before we brought him home.

Tug completed obedience training through the “advanced beginner” course.  I stopped obedience when I began working with him for the breed ring.  Now that I feel more comfortable with breed handling I want to pursue my original obedience goals.

We will resume classes this week.  Tug could be a little tighter on the heel and straighter on the sits, but overall he has solid beginner skills.  I am looking forward to beginning off leash work.

Today Tug earned his first leg of the Beginner Novice A title with a 2nd place finish.  He did great.  Most of the work to be done is on my side of the leash.  We have 3-weeks before our next competition to work out the kinks.

Shea is ready for the Beginner Novice level as well.  She has such enthusiasm and is fun to train.  I will do one more event with one dog to get the logistics down and then will start Shea, as well.

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Beautiful Winter Day

Fetch and dog time on a warm-ish winter day.

Fetch and dog time on a warm-ish winter day.

It was a beautiful day in the high 50’s under sunny skies and a great day to hang out at the dog park.  Tug is happy as long as there is a ball in play.  Shea loves fetch, but chase is a close second.  We met a number of really nice, relaxed, fun loving dogs including a chihuahua, a couple of large boxers, a Rhodesian ridgeback-mix, a Weimareiner, a (beautiful) pointer, and several others.  It was a great afternoon for two social, active dogs.

Tonight we have two tired dogs.

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Doors Open in the USA for Barbet

When we first brought Tug home in 2009 there were fewer than 50-known Barbet in the USA, but he qualified for many dog activities.  He was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and we also registered him with the AKC Foundation Stock Service, United Kennel Club, and America Rare Breeds Association. We now have two Barbet and I am often reminded how versatile the breed is.  They are easy to train and would likely do well at (almost) anything I ask of them.

Today the US population is about 120-Barbet.  To become AKC recognized, we need to have more registered dogs in the United States and more active families showing, training, and hunting with their Barbet.  It will be sometime before you will see these dogs at the Westminster Dog Show, but in the meantime you may see them participating in the following activities:

  • conformation shows – AKC Open Shows, UKC, CKC
  • obedience – AKC, UKC, CKC
  • rally obedience – AKC, UKC, CKC
  • agility – AKC, UKC, CKC
  • hunt tests – AKC, UKC, CKC, NAVHDA*, and NAHRA
  • field trials – AKC*, UKC and NAVHDA*
  • tracking – AKC, UKC, CKC**
  • lure coursing – AKC natural aptitude test
  • therapy dog visits – AKC

Want to compete in a sport with an *?

The Barbet is not currently an eligible breed for AKC field tests or with NAVHDA, but they can be added. If you are interested in participating in these or other events, contact the Barbet Club of America. The club can apply for eligibility.

Find More Information about the Barbet and their Activities

It is easy to find an activity that both you and your Barbet will enjoy.

For more information, check out the Barbet Club of America, the United Barbet Club, the Club Barbet Canada and the Barbet Fanciers Association of Ontario.

** If you are interested in tracking with the CKC, you may need to confirm eligibility.

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Barbet Guide Dog in Training

Freedom Guide Dogs in Upstate New York became interested in training a Barbet after seeing them as working Guide Dogs in Paris.  Paula Ballak of Biscay Water Dogs continues her commitment to Barbet as Service Dogs with the donation of a puppy.  “William Wallace” (named after Braveheart) was accepted into the Freedom Guide Dog program.

Freedom Guide Dogs offers a special program for Veterans – a cause near and dear to my heart.  Check out this inspirational story of a young Veteran and his Freedom Guide Dog.

I am excited for William Wallace.  He has many adventures ahead.

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